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The slogan "dynamism, initiative, mobility, and quick decision in new situations" is in synthesis the guerrilla tactic. On October 8,the group was almost annihilated by a special detachment of the Bolivian army aided by CIA advisers. One must harden without ever losing tenderness. Freeman Cruel leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn cruel.

As Fidel has said, he did not have culture from books; he had the natural intelligence of the people, who had chosen him out of thousands for a privileged position on account of the audacity of his blows, his tenacity, his intelligence, and unequalled devotion.

His conception of a borderless, united Hispanic America sharing a common Latino heritage was a theme that recurred prominently during his later revolutionary activities. Our free eyes open now on new horizons and can see what yesterday, in our condition as colonial slaves, we could not observe: Castro overthrew Batista in and took power in Cuba.

Guevara and the others underwent arduous hour marches over mountains, across rivers, and through the dense undergrowth, learning and perfecting the procedures of ambush and quick retreat.

Both men quickly bonded, as Sukarno was attracted to Guevara's energy and his relaxed informal approach; moreover they shared revolutionary leftist aspirations against western imperialism.

Che Guevara

Almost immediately after the success of the revolution on January 27,Guevara made one of his most significant speeches where he talked about "the social ideas of the rebel army". Indeed, the complex Guevara, though trained as a healer, also, on occasion, acted as the executioner or ordered the execution of suspected traitors and deserters.

General Principles of Guerrilla Warfare On Revolutionary Medicine [ edit ] The life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on earth.

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While lesser films wallow in the limelight, Che: Now in the mountains and fields of America, on its flatlands and in its jungles, in the wilderness or in the traffic of cities, on the banks of its great oceans or rivers, this world is beginning to tremble. They set out for Cuba on November 25, Further on it is a route for wolves; one can succeed only at the cost of the failure of others.

But they do exploit and divide them, they too are divided into blacks and whites, and they too are divided into men and women, union and non-union, employed and unemployed. The Cuban government refuted the claim, citing scientific evidence from including dental structure that, it said, proved that the remains were those of Guevara.

After the failure of his efforts in the Congo, he fled first to Tanzania and then to a safe house in a village near Prague. This is not a Cuban Braveheart. In the future individualism ought to be the efficient utilization of the whole individual for the absolute benefit of a collectivity.

With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl. We are fighting against misery, but we are also fighting against alienation. The university cannot be an ivory tower, far away from the society, removed from the practical accomplishments of the Revolution.

I should add that my research spanned five years, and included anti-Castro Cubans among the Cuban-American exile community in Miami and elsewhere. When an agreement was reached by which the atomic missiles were removed, without asking our people, we were not relieved or thankful for the truce; instead we denounced the move with our own voice.

Che Guevara (1928 - 1967)

Some exiled opposition biographers report that he relished the rituals of the firing squad, and organized them with gusto, while others relate that Guevara pardoned as many prisoners as he could. Those forces are trying to attract all those who have been hurt by the Revolution.

On Growth and Imperialism [ edit ] "Economics Cannot be Separated from Politics" speech to the ministerial meeting of the Inter-American Economic and Social Council CIESin Punta del Este, Uruguay 8 August Cuba hopes that her children will see a better future, and that victory will not have to be won at the cost of millions of human lives destroyed by the atomic bomb.

The final death toll from the two years of revolutionary fighting was 2, people. Guevara, who was wounded in the attack, was captured and shot.

Che Guevara

Che Guevara has the most effective public relations department on earth. The Argentine guerrilla and modern Cuba’s co-founding father has been fashioned into a hipster icon, a counter-cultural hero, an anti-establishment rebel, and a champion of the poor.

Ernesto "Che" Guevara (14 June – 9 October ), commonly known as Che Guevara, El Che, or simply Che, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, politician, author, physician, military theorist, and guerrilla leader during the Cuban revolution. Che Guevara, byname of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, (born June 14,Rosario, Argentina—died October 9,La Higuera, Bolivia), theoretician and tactician of guerrilla warfare, prominent communist figure in the Cuban Revolution (–59), and guerrilla leader in South America.

Cuba. This island is known everywhere in the world. Everybody knows such names as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Also Cuba is associated with Caribbean.

Jan 24,  · Guevara’s image remains a prevalent icon of leftist radicalism and anti-imperialism. Revolutionary leader. Born Ernesto Guevara de la Serna on June 14,in Rosario, Argentina.

Che Guevara kicked around Baraka, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the s. Now it is a thriving trading city – but still lacks a basic digital map. Guardian readers are .

Che guiviera
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