Cart on an incline lab

This is mostly procedure and doesn't belong in the introduction.

Acceleration Lab Report

Two masses, m1 and m2, are hanging by a massless string from a frictionless pulley. Plug the wire from the power supply cube into the interface. Just about any part of it will be damaged by dropping onto the floor.

Lab Answers: Uniformly Accelerated Motion (Incline)

Do a quadratic curve fit for the position vs. How could you minimize them. We turned the air to glide the cart on the air track and the timer was also turned on this measured the time it took the glider to move that 10 cm distance.

Note that the equation assumes you are using absolute values of the accelerations, so drop any negative signs when doing this calculation. Leveling is easier if you leave the two center feet retracted until the leveling is complete.

We just finished our unit on constant velocity motion and this is the first day of the new unit on Uniform Acceleration; I begin with a paradigm lab in which students examine the motion of a cart on an incline. Compare the coefficients of this fit with the curve fit while the cart was going down the ramp.

I do this to make sure all of the tasks are done and that everyone is doing something. In order to find the value of the coefficient of friction five runs were completed in which the cart was pushed towards and away from the motion sensor. I like for my students to know how the equipment works.

The cart glide interrupts a light beam in the second photogate and triggers a timer. This is not the case since this result would theoretically yield data points that form a straight line, while the data points in this figure are scattered.

Theoretically it should be constant for a system that conserves energy, but some of the energy in the system is lost to air resistance, the slight friction with the track, and energy lost from the springs. Any lettered section can be graded. A5 Evaluate your results by comparing the two independent methods.

On the velocity vs. Procedure to set up the inclined plane experiment: What sources of error were there and how much would they likely have affected the results. Which experiment was more accurate and why.

A2 Design two reliable experiments that solve the problem. In other words, in our mathematical model of the position vs.

In at least one of the methods, use concepts from vibrations and harmonic motion. Level the track by placing a cart on it and adjusting the legs until the cart will remain stationary in the middle of the cart.

A linear regression analysis yielded a constant of 0. After a week of demonstrations, problems, and quizzes, we do our first laboratory exercise. But the angles only go up to about 40 degrees.

Homework Help: Kinematics: acceleration on a an incline (LAB)

Use your uncertainty to make and explicit comparison of the two values you obtained. Since I ask students to come up with a tool that they can use to measure the quantities, they usually tell me that a radar gun can be used to measure speed directly.

You should also describe the general principles involved in this lab. Note that absolute values of acceleration have been used in these two equations.

Determine the slope of this portion of the graph, which will be aup. Wait for the computer to come up and for the desktop to appear. As the cart moves downhill above rightthe component of gravity pulls it down while the friction force pulls uphill, working against its motion, resulting in adn.

Click on the "stopwatch" icon just to the left of the green Collect button. Make sure that there is no gap between the cart and the plunger on the launcher. You have a spring, small objects of different masses to hang from the springa meter stick, a balance shared in the rooma cart, an inclined plane and a motion detector.

Pah, back to the experiment before I send thee to the dungeons. In the one dimensional motion measurements are going to be done on an air track. Items without such designation are given as additional guidance. The dynamics cart the one with the plunger has two ends. Lab Instructor – Chuck Borener Thursday, 11 AM – 1 PM Lecture Instructor – Dr.

Jacobs Abstract This bump could change the incline of the surface by as much as 10 degrees. If it were tilted 10 degrees upwards, this would make it so there were weight.

1G113 Dynamics Cart in Static Equilibrium

cart dropped in free fall. If the angle of an incline with the horizontal is small, a cart rolling down the incline moves slowly and can be easily timed.

Using time and distance data, it is possible to calculate the acceleration of the cart.

Cart on a Ramp

When the angle of the incline is increased, the acceleration also increases. Position a dynamics cart about m down the incline from the Motion Detector. 5. Make sure someone in your lab group is positioned to catch the dynamics cart at the.

As a laboratory cart goes up or down an inclined plane, it will be under the influence of two primary forces - gravity and friction. While it is comforting to consider only gravity, to. Vectors and the Inclined Plane have a rolling cart, which by means of string, pulley, and mass m, is attached to a force T.

T is parallel to Record T and q on the lab form. 8. Repeat 6 and 7, only this time with the cart moving at a slow constant speed down the plane. Measurement of air resistance on an air track Barbara S. Andereck more advanced undergraduate laboratory course can detect and analyze the effects of frictional forces on the air track cart.

Simple transformations of the data using a graphing cart is moving down the incline.

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